Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Android Messenger (Apk) latest version:5.212

Dear, viewers today iam going to provide an amazing and most popular app in other words you can say that one of the famous app . Android messenger .yes of a cause that's right I personally use this app.Android messenger makes it easy to communicate with anyone.
  useses of android messenger you

  • can use everywhere it works all mobile and desktop devices. 
  • you can use names or phone numbers to fine.
  • you can use chatting,video calls and audio calls.
  •   you can connect with people nationally and internationally.
  • you can call video and audio with your friends in group.
  • you can use it however you want send a text message share a photo or start a video chat all in messenger.
  • you can talk with people in other countries.
what's new
  • the android messenger  don't use lot of space.
  • .default -message :when you are an emergency and can't text a long one  just pick any of you default messages or set it up for yourself. 
  •  block -block people you don't want to hear from and archive message.
friends you can use it to play games and you can use it to chat with business can use it for can make group friends however you can pick  your colour and set your own background image your own can fast share your pictures and videos select pictures or videos directly from the app and share easily.its really an amazing app .so,friends why are you waiting come on hurry up and download this wonderful app.

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