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Facebook becomes the most sensational social platform and it's the most powerful social networking website. Facebook has million millions of active users that regularly make updates on their walls. To getting automatic like on their shares including images, videos and different post as their statuses. We all use Auto liker for Facebook APK App. Actually, there is the maximum percentage of Facebook users are from Android OS. According to this I personally test an Android App on my personal smartphone. I am using an Auto Liker for Facebook from since some time and that is working pretty cool. I get likes from one hundred (100) to one thousand (1000) according to the usage of the app. Yes, it is my personal Experience to share with you guys, that it will be more careful to listen to the App I am talking about.

About Auto Liker for Facebook:

In above some lines you will definitely know that I am talking about to getting likes and comments on Facebook activities. If you already heard about the app then here you will collect even more about the App. If not, then read the entire post so you will get complete information and a download link. The name of the app is Apetnal (Auto Liker for Facebook) in really matters.
You can say Apental or Apental Calc in some manners it would be written as ApentalCalc. This App is one and only working Facebook Auto Liker APK these days. It is possible that many other similar Likes are on the market, that would be possible to work fine in some or all cases.

Auto Liker for Facebook (Apental) Features:

  • Getting likes for free with no cast and no limitations
  • Boost your posts and statues by gaining huge number of real likes
  • No spammy likes from fake profiles
  • All likes are delivered from original Facebook accounts
  • Easy to use and good to manage
Additionally, we are providing extra information about this Auto Liker for Facebook in next heading. These details contain the version update which is currently released by officials. The name of App developers, a supportable format for Android mobile phone and other smart devices. It will discuss all the concerns either the app is free of paid ETC.

Application details:

App name: Auto Liker for Facebook / Apental Facebook Auto Liker
File type: APK file format
Price: Free or no price
Current version: v2.52 latest till now
You can download the app easily from this link and allow it to make installations on your phone or tablet. This App must require any Android operating system with minimum system requirements of Android OS installed.

Download Link:

Download >>> Best Auto Liker for Facebook APK

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