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MyFbLiker APK download

We are living in the age of social media, where people love to get in touch with the outer world and loved ones by social media. People use to update status, tag each other, and follower their beloved celebrity. And in this medium, your recognition, pride, popularity is only the followers or the people who put impressions on your status. If you got so many good friends, who love to input when you ask something, you are living in the heaven. But, in most of the cases, people do not get that much impression what they dreamed off. No worries, now you can have as many likes, comments and shares on your Facebook account as want. The thing you need to do is to download MyFbLiker APK (My FB Liker). Install it on your account and start getting thousands of impressions in no time.

How to use MyFb Liker APK to get impressions

This is not a rocket science to get auto likes on this platform. But, if have not used any of this kind of app, you might get some problems in using it.
My FB Liker
Like a newbie does not want to put email address and password, to make the account safe. Do not worry; by putting the Email and password, you are not going to reveal your personal data. MyFbliker APK will not hack your data or your private pieces of stuff. So, go ahead and use the app without of any danger or risk.
  1. Download the app from the given link
  2. Install it on your mobile phone; hope you will enable the third party installation setting
  3. Install the app, as you do on daily basis
  4. And here you will get an option to create or generate a token, tap on the area mentioned to create token
  5. Paste that created token in the mentioned place
  6. And you will go to the next Windows, where you get likes, comments and shares tap on what you want
  7. If you want to get likes, tap on auto likes tab, and here you will get your recent images, select an image and write the amount and press the submit button
Here you go- you will get the desired amount within no time. To get auto comments do the same, as you did in getting auto likes

Features of MyFbliker APK

MyFb liker APK is one of the leading and trusted application- thousands of the users right now are using it to get popularity on Facebook.
  • Simple to use, clear navigation
  • Clean interface, would love to explore the application
  • Can get 200 plus impression in one submission
  • Can get auto comments as well
  • Free of cost, have no need to pay any amount
Tap the download button and get (MyFbLiker APK) downloaded on your phone. Hope the link will be working fine, if not then comment down in the section so that we could fix the problem as soon as possible.

Application Details:

App name: My Fb Liker
Current version: v2.0 latest
Official Website:
File size: 2.57 MBs

Download link:

Download >>> MyFBLiker APK latest version v2.0 free

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