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Kurd Liker APK download

You have landed on this page to get the best auto liker application, Kurd Liker APK. The app which seems to provide the genuine and real-time impression on Instagram and Facebook at the same time, Kurd Liker is somehow the different application than other apps. As you are getting impressions on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, so you would get your popularity on both the top social media accounts.
So, hurry up guys download the first ever application which can give your likes on Instagram and Facebook without of spending any amount of money.

Use Kurd Liker to get real impressions:

  • By having the app, you can get 300 plus likes on social media accounts in one submission.
  • And you can get thousands of impressions by repeating the entire process.
  • And one more thing, you are not required to go through some creating and generating token process.
  • It is tape and gets process, taps what you required and gets what you desired.
  • Example, if you wish to had a lot of impressions on Facebook. But in actual you do not have that. Download the Kurd Liker what we have given to you.
  • And install it on your mobile phone, Android phone.
  • And tap on Facebook icon after launching this application. Provide your Email address and Password.
And here you go- you can tap on posts what you have recently posted on Facebook. And provide the amount what you want to get. The amount should not be a big number, as to get impressions in thousands may get you a blocked account.
And tap on the submit button- within the seconds, you will get hundreds of free likes on your posts.
To get likes and followers on Instagram- Log in your Instagram account.
And same the way, tap on the followers or likes tab. And provide the recent image on which you are desired to get impressions.
Kurd Liker
You will be rewarded with the number of impressions within some seconds.
Take care of one thing; either you are using Kurd Liker APK on Facebook or on Instagram to boost online reputation. You should make your account public. That anyone, could post on your walls, could tag you on posts and could share your content on Social media.

Features of Kurd Liker APK:

  • You can select the type of likes
  • Spam free auto likes
  • Can use it on Instagram and Facebook
  • Best in providing instant likes
  • Most trusted and trustworthy app
  • Can have the targeted impression
  • Free likes, comment, shares, and followers
  • Clean interface and clean navigation
  • Can provide y thousands of auto likes
Now, if you are agreed to download Kurd Liker application, tap the download button and get it downloaded on your phone. We have uploaded the latest released version, so get it from the link. And hope the link will be working fine, if not, then comment down in the section, so that we could fix it right now.

Application details:

App name: Kurd Liker
Developers: Kurd-Liker
App size: 14.9Mbs
Current Version: v1.0
Requires Android: Android 2.3 or later

Download link:

Kurd Liker App for Android Free >>> Download

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